Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment
The concern for the environment is increasingly high and it is clear that buildings have a big impact. On one hand, ENVIMA is able to apply various environmental assessment tools that help to reduce these negative impacts on the environment, beyond the focus on the energy performance of buildings. On the other hand, in ENVIMA we use energy simulation tools as the way that allows us to evaluate, validate and optimize energy saving strategies, minimizing costs and environmental impacts, always with a sustainable approach.

  • Producing the Energy Evaluation Report (according to RD 235/13).
  • Consulting on Efficiency Improvements and / or Energy Renovation.
  • Implementing continuous improvement of Energy Efficiency, according to ISO 50001.
  • Environmental Assessment of Buildings using the tool VERDE of GBCe.
  • Application of passive and active solutions for nZEB buildings.
  • " The most sustainable energy is that is not being consumed "